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Helping drive sales and exposure for businesses and brands!

Fun, adventurous and honest, WhitoMedia is all about showcasing the best at its best. Run by two brothers from Derby UK, WhitoMedia doesn’t do boring. Producing a Local Derby News website, Festival Magazine and a resource on how to start a blog. WhitoMedia strives to be the best! They are here to help business grow. Jacob and Ethan pride themselves in the work they produce and always want a happy client. Read our story. 

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WhitoMedia, a media & publishing company based in Derby, United Kingdom. Our work has been featured on various websites. WhitoMedia is owned and run by two British brothers, Jacob Whitmore and Ethan Whitmore. The brothers have a vast experience in the Media Business also running a number of publishing sites.

The services which we offer are there to drive sales and exposure for businesses and brands.


Below are a few video projects which we have produced. Feel free to watch a few.

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