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You hate your job and you read all these success stories about how people have built their business online by blogging. Your goal is to make thousands from home so you can finally taste the freedom you deserve. The next question that comes to mind is “how can I create a blogging schedule that works?”

You start daydreaming about the day that you can create passive income from your blog. What does it really take to turn a little ole blog that no one has heard of into a well-known blog?

For starters, you need to read the 12 Useful Tips on Starting a WordPress Blog. These tips will help you learn what it takes to create a successful blog.

Don’t believe for a minute that it’s going to be easy. In fact, your first few months, you’re going to feel like you’re writing to yourself.

Heck, I’ve been blogging for just a little over 3 months now and I still feel like I’m talking to myself. In fact, it gets a little depressing.

If you’re anything at all like me…

You log into your Google Analytics and check your traffic stats, only to realize that you’re the only one who is visiting your blog. If you need help setting up analytics, I’ve written a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup Google Analytics. It’s depressing to see that no one but your friends and family is reading your blog.

If you’re NOT willing to pay for traffic, it’s going to take time to start learning how to grow a blog.

Don’t throw in the towel yet. I am going to help you create a blogging schedule that works. It’s going to take consistency and hard work to grow your tribe. I do believe you’ve got it in you to grow your blog to be a success.

So follow along and let’s help you create a blogging schedule that won’t take too much time.

Create A Blogging Schedule That Works For You

Now that you’ve installed WordPress and installed all the necessary plugins, it’s time to start writing epic content. You know the kind that draws people in and makes them want to push the share button.

After all the more shares and Retweets we get, increases the eyeballs on our little ole blog. More traffic means more page views and then the chances of our income increases.

We want to make sure that we are updating our blog on a regular basis. Choose which days of the week you want to publish brand new blog posts. If you’re one of those people who want to know when is the best day to publish a new post.

A case study was done by Kissmetrics, Dan Zarella, Search Engine Land and Hubspot (you can read the full study here.). Their case study determined the following:

If you want your new blog post to get a lot of traffic, publish your new post on Mondays at 11 am EST.

Want more comments on your blog? Publish your new post on Saturdays 9 am EST.

Looking for more inbound links? Consider publishing your new content on Monday and Thursdays 7 am EST.

Of course, this may vary from niche to niche. The only way to find out when the best publishing days are for your niche, is to test things out.

Determine what your goals are for your new blog content. Do you want to get a ton of comments? Maybe you just want a ton of social shares when it’s first published?

If you’re still struggling to find ways to make money from your blog. Read this post on 29 ways to monetize your blog for some great ideas to start making money from it.

Don’t Over Think It

The great thing is that once you publish content on your blog. It’s going to live there until you delete it.

I’m the type of blogger who really doesn’t pay attention to the best times to publish a blog post. I do what works for me, and so should you. This has definitely made it easier for me publish new content each and every week.

For instance, I know that I’m an early morning riser. I get most of my best work accomplished while the house is quiet. Therefore, I publish all my blog posts around 5:00 AM on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Once those blog posts are promoted, I spend time promoting them. If you want your blog to grow, it’s important to focus on promoting your new blog posts.

Ask any successful blogger and they will tell you that publishing a new blog post is half the battle. Driving targeted visitors to your blog is the challenge.

My advice is focused on creating quality content. After you’ve written your new blog post and re-read it or ran it through Grammarly, just hit publish.

Don’t think about whether or not if it’s the right time to publish your blog post. Your main focus when you’re first starting a blog, is to write fresh content on a regular basis.

As soon as you start to get regular visitors and feedback, you can always make tweaks to your blogging schedule.

Blog Writing Is Kind Of Like TV Sitcoms

Think of your blog like a sitcom. I love the new 24 Legacy. I know that it airs every week on Monday on Fox. I watch it on my Amazon Firestick because I don’t like commercials.

But every week like clockwork, I’m excited to find out what the plot of the week is. The show captures my attention for a full 45 minutes or so without commercials. From the moment it starts till it ends.

I am glued to my Lazyboy recliner and sometimes get upset because I am left hanging when the show ends.

That’s the goal of your blog posts. You want to educate your audience and provide them with killer content they fall in love with.

Eventually, they will either subscribe to your RSS feed or your email list. Because they won’t want to miss any of your content. It may take time to learn how to generate click worth headlines that make people want to click.

Create A Schedule That Doesn’t Kill You

Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t feel like you have to post every day. Stick to a manageable schedule and don’t neglect your family.

If you try to do too much your blog is going to feel like a burden. It’s going to start feeling like that daytime job you’re trying so hard to leave.

You’re NOT going to build a successful business in a month. It’s just NOT going to happen. I’ve read that it can take anywhere from 1-2 years to start seeing consistent income from a blog. (it may not take you this long, but don’t expect it to happen overnight)

When it comes to learning how to blog, we all have our own learning curves to overcome.

If you start thinking “damn” I’ve got to get 5 posts out this week. Guess what, you’ll end up hating your blog. Eventually, you will walk away and your hopes and dreams will slip through your fingers.

All because you tried to do too much in such a short amount of time.

How Often Should I Publish A New Post?

Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to this question. I know that I personally publish 2 blog posts every week on my blog. There are bloggers who say they only post 1 new post each week.

I could tell you that you should follow my lead and post 2 blog posts as well. I’d be lying because I don’t know you and I don’t know what a typical day in your life looks like.

Only you know what you’re capable of. Set up a regular blogging schedule and stick to it. Even if you have to take an entire weekend and write posts in advance and schedule them on your WordPress Calendar.

It will make your life easier and you won’t have to worry about not having a new blog post every week. Batch writing will also allow you to take a break from your blog and start guest posting on blogs such as which will only help you grow your blog.

Final Take Away

As soon as you decided to start your own blog, you became your own boss. Maybe it’s not paying the bills yet, but your hope is that one day it will. Unless you’re just doing it as a hobby and you love writing.

Unlike a job where your boss tells you to do something. You get to call all the shots on your virtual real estate. This means you’re free to publish posts as often or as little as you want.

Stop listening to others who tell you that you need to publish posts every single day. Instead, focus on creating quality content that people will want to share.

Read other successful blogs, but be willing to set some time aside each and every day to write content for your blog. As a blogger, you’re going to need a lot of fresh content that people will want to read and subscribe to.

Do you use a blogging schedule for your blog? If so let us know what days of the week you publish your posts? Why did you choose those days?