Social media marketing is a tough nut to crack for beginners, right?

Being a digital marketer myself, I see so many clients asking me for the same requests again and again regarding driving more social media traffic to their website.

I love driving targeted customers from social media. Why?

Because, Unlike SEO (search engine optimization), social media traffic is instantaneous, and also if done correctly this new channel can become your primary source of customers. Even if you are an influencer or a blogger trying to increase your social media followers and reach, this article will uncover some amazing tips and tricks that you must use and add in your social media plan.

Even if you have started a blog you need to use these techniques to drive more social media traffic to your website

After working with over 100 clients and helping them in their social media marketing, you can safely assume that the tricks that I will be sharing with you are genuine and they actually work. So are you ready?

Let’s start.

1. Create a Social Media Plan

This sounds too easy but is a very important process. If you are among those people who just create one type of content and then blast it off to all their social media channels, then my friend you are doing it wrong.

Each social media platform is different and must be treated separately. Here are some points that you should follow:

Make an excel sheet with separate column heading as social media name like Facebook, Twitter, etc

The persona of your targeted customer/audinece

What exactly are you looking for? Selling a service, grow your brand, etc

What type of content you are planning to create (Images, video, etc.)

Editorial calendar – which content will be published for the next 30 days

Technical structure – Tools you will be using for creating that content, dimensions and other technical stuff related to that social media platform

If you make an amazing social media plan, then this will be like a cheat sheet with you that you can refer anytime. This step alone will increase the effectiveness of your social media efforts at least two times

2. Consistency Is the Secret

I see so many people not understanding this simple point. You have to be consistent with your content. Not just days, but even time you publish your content.

Human beings are weird creatures, and we love to be trained and create a habit. So your audience will start expecting your content once you become regular . If you loose this chain reaction, then you are disappointing them, and that won’t be good for you.

Look at you YouTube subscription, if you love a particular channel and if they don’t post a video for a month after consistently adding content on Thursday of each week, you will start thinking about the reason right?

Recently I see a new YouTube channel growing exponentially in a competitive niche Abhinav Mahajan. He is following all the tactics that I share in my earn money on youtube article. Honestly I am impressed by his performance, you can check him out.

John Lee Dumas of EOfire.com used this hack and created a daily podcast (not weekly like others were doing) and this step alone is helping him now make more than $200,000/month.

Don’t worry I won’t ask you to log into each channel every time and post your content. Point three will help you in being consistent

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3. Use Scheduling Tools

You can use a paid tool like Viralwoot or a free tool like Buffer (recommended) for scheduling all your social media content. Viralwoot has more advanced features but is paid and has fewer integrations.

Buffer is used by almost all top experts; the free plan is more than enough for you.

Another tool that you can use is HootSuite which allows you free scheduling for 3 social media networks in the free plan.

4. Being Smart With Hashtags

Hashtags are a critical part of your Twitter and Instagram strategy.

If done right, hashtags can definitely help you get more followers and subscribers. To make money on Instagram like the new millennial Instagram celebrities you need to know the right hashtags to take the full advantage of that platform.

But mostly I see people just randomly thinking of hashtags and putting them in the post. There is no strategy behind their approach. Digital marketing doesn’t work like that my friend.

If you are a brand you can create and promote your hashtags as well (make sure no one else is using it for the same purpose)

So you can use a tool like keyhole and sproutsocial. 

5. Facebook & Instagram Live

If you are not doing Facebook live with your audience, then you are missing out on a gold rush. Why? Because Facebook is promoting their Facebook live like anything, and the reach is tremendous.

Open your Facebook and start going live and connect with your audience.

6. Stop Mediocrity And Create Amazing Images

With some fantastic free tools like Canva and Pablo by buffer, creating exceptionally beautiful and professional social media images is so simple.

Instead of posting those ugly looking images made using a free Windows software, use the tools I mentioned above and create high quality and professional looking images for your social media channels

Visual content is loved by all and has much more engagement compared to text. So quality should be of prime important for you

7. Test, Test And Then Test More

Yes replicating the exact steps of your competitors might sound like a smart strategy for success .But you need to test your content. Analytics is everything.

For Instagram use tools like social blade and iconosquare to see which content is getting the best engagement.

8. Timing Matters

Yes, you need to be smart with your timing.


Because your audience might be asleep when you are posting your content. And hence you are shooting in the dark, so obviously you won’t get the same results.

You need to know when your audience is awake and at what time they are most likely on the social media channels browsing through their timeline.

Although we have seen 8 AM like 9 AM , 2 PM, and 6 PM are the best time, but then again you must test for your audience.

Also, keep in mind the time zone of the majority of your audience. So schedule your content accordingly

9. Quality, Not For Quantity

You might get overwhelmed with so many social media channels in hence might try to optimize for all of them, but trust me that’s a disastrous strategy.

Focus on one channel and master it. Choose the channel that is most targeted with your audience and is most likely to drive the best type of customers/audience for your niche

10. Keep Yourself Updated With The Latest Trends And Techniques

Yes, knowledge is power and hence you must keep your self-updated with the latest happening.

Digital marketing is a volatile field where everything changes frequently and quickly. A few years back no one knew about Snapchat and now there are entire courses dedicated to Snapchat marketing.

So bookmark few of the authority websites that talk about social media marketing. I will recommend neilpatel.com and sumo.com/stories

So this was it from my side friends.

I hope I was able to introduce you to some new tips and I sincerely wish for your social media marketing success.