I have been asked several times in both one-on-one meetings, and here online, about how to come up with consistent, fresh and creative ideas to keep one’s blog running like a smooth engine and ahead of competitors’.

The importance of creating quality content can never be overemphasised. It’s the quality, attractiveness, engagement, and knowledge you deliver through content, due to which you are acknowledged as an authority in your niche or field.

Consistent publication on your website or blog helps you in not only retaining your existing audience base, but it also helps you go make it bigger. This is what Inbound content marketing is all about.

“In a nutshell, the difference between a good website, and a bad website is the quality and consistency of content”.

Before actually writing about what I personally think about creating awesome content on a regular basis, I thought to read some articles online. So here’s what the general public is saying about this.

  • Make it a part of your habit to write 500 words every day, without fail.
  • Either keep a journal or go online for subscribing to services like, Todoist, OneNote, for jotting down ideas that come to your mind time to time.
  • Read a lot of good books, and online websites related to your niche.
  • And on, and on, and on …

No doubt, all of the above-mentioned tips are good to follow. But in the light of my experience, I believe that there is one thing missing. The big problem that everyone is overlooking is how to find ideas to write about.

So the first thing is to get rid of writer’s block. It’s a situation where the writer raises his hands up saying, “I have nothing to say”. It’s not just the problem of ordinary bloggers, but even the top writers have confessed that at times they aren’t able to write anything, even though they know they have to do it for a living.

Tell People ‘Real’ Secrets To Success

The best advice I can give on how to become a pioneer and win the confidence of your audience is to talk about things that your competitors are shying away from.

There are two reasons for not telling a specific thing that a large audience wants to know. The first one is that it’s a secret. Like, How I Made Over $2,300 Blogging in July!

Sure, there are a lot of posts out there bragging about how they are making much money, but believe me, they aren’t telling the secret.

So, if you have figured out some secret thing, which people want to know and your competitor won’t tell them, go write it away. Your audience will love you for honesty, help, and tell them exactly how can they become successful by copying your method.

And, it will also damage your competitors who won’t have the same type of content that you have.

This is the best way to come on top of the Google Search Ranking and winning the confidence of your audience. Also, what a thing of joy it is, that you are genuinely helping a lot of people around the world becoming better in something you are teaching them.

Now, the next thing is about answering something, which nobody has yet figured out.

Like, there is some new technology introduced in the market. And your audience wants to know whether they should go for it. What you can do is to do some study and make a report about it, a very long post discussing ins and outs of that specific thing. In the end, you can give your expert opinion. Even better, if you reach out to that company and ask them to provide you free access so that you can write an honest review of them. If done well, you have got three things.

  1. You know a thing, nobody is sure of.
  2. You have build a rapport with a firm.
  3. You are driving content to your website and beating your competitors like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Don’t Work Alone, Bring In Some Brilliant Minds

You don’t have enough budget, right? No problem.

There are so many ways to attract brilliant people to work with you, for free. Like, you can have a Write for Us Page on your website.

The other way is to write for others and then ask them to write for you. The benefit of reaching out other fellow bloggers is that you gain something you don’t know or you don’t have been there where that blogger has. So before you go for applying this strategy, try to write awesome content on your website. Share it like crazy on Social Media, get a lot of shares, retweets, and mentions. This means that you should be honest, be bold, and do your homework. Once you have managed to have some awesome posts on your website, you can then go and reach other bloggers to write for you.
And, just in case, you can afford to have some part-time freelancers to work for you, this can really make you very competitive. On Upwork, you can find some brilliant copywriters, web-content writers, for not a very expensive cost. Feed and treat them well, and get awesome, consistent, on a regular basis. Just make sure, you are going to hire an experienced writer and a professional one. You can check that by having a look at his or her Upwork profile.

Go-To Social Media Content Prompts

You will never run short of ideas for writing content if you have a strong observation and a keen eye.

Whenever you feel like you have nothing to write, just go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit. See, what people are talking about. You can narrow down your search by using Hashtags, that are now being used both Twitter and Facebook.

So, this was about how to know what to write. The other way is to follow the influential people in your niche. For example, if you are interested in marketing, you can follow Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Brian Solis, and the likes.

By following and consistently visiting their websites, you will not only learn a lot about the niche but will also have ample stock for generating your own content.

It’s also possible, that by constantly commenting on their websites, you get their attention and they start to know you personally.

Take my example, I am a regular visitor to Seth Godin’s website. And I also give him feedback or ask a question, whenever I feel like. Thankfully, he is kind enough to reply me back. And there are a lot of things, that I learned from him, and got the benefit of his wisdom and valuable suggestions.

Take Online Courses Offered By Professionals

Invest in yourself and remain up-to-date about things that matter to you. Thanks to the Internet, you can do so by staying at home, and at a very reasonable price. As a blogger, you can take content writing courses, WordPress Designing courses, or you can learn online how to be expert in social media. Again, there are two benefits of taking courses from Professionals within your niche. Number one, you are learning something you didn’t know before. Number two benefit is that you are among few people who have direct access to that teacher. And it is a norm that, they promote their students by letting them publish their articles on their website, or by justing mentioning their website address on their blog posts. Make it a motto of your life, that you will keep on learning, and make relationships with giants of your niche.

Visit Forums On A Regular Basis

I have found that online forums are a good place to get hints about generating new content for an audience that relates to me. I go there and see what people are talking about. If I know the answer, I write a detailed post about it, and just in case, if I don’t. I go and do my research and bring up a post that really really answers that question. Two benefits: One, I got the idea of a pain my audience has. Two: I learned something from my research that will remain with me forever.

This was all that I know about how to come up with consistent content ideas, and being at the top of the list in your field.

Now your turn. How do you come up with awesome ideas while setting up your content strategy? Please let me know in the comment section below.