There are two big items you have to remember when putting together a website: customers and search engines. You need an SEO-friendly website that is designed for search engines so that when users search for your products, it will appear high up in Google search listings.

To complicate matters further, companies often have two separate SEO and web, development teams. (Not Whito Media Web Development). 

Optimisation for search engine is a range of things including content, keywords, and tags for the title. 

If you are not sure how to incorporate SEO, you can contact a quality web design company that will help you create a website that complies with SEO standards and also looks amazing.

Visual Look 

With SEO in mind, successful web designers are conscious of the value of building attractive pages. SEO lets you rate your site higher on the web. When users search for items available on your website, they will be able to see it as soon as the keywords are typed in.

A higher ranking for your website will make your site more likely to get more clicks. 

By driving more traffic to your website your are more than likely to get more customers. 

Mobile Friendly

Mobile users are five times more likely to abandon a website when it is optimized for the size of their computer. 

If that is the case then your bounce rate will go up. 

A Mobile Friendly site needs to function like your website on desktop if not better. 

Overall Speed 

People hate to wait. Search engines do the same. If your website does not load quickly you will lose clients and also the trust of the search engine. 

Consider ways to increase site speed, such as:

  • Shrink any elements of JavaScript and CSS that you use
  • Minimizing characteristics that slow down the loading time, such as animation or large , high resolution images 
  • To keep external scripts to a minimum, use only the required widgets

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are extremely important, because they tell your audience what your page is about in more detail and entice them to press. 

A meta description has to be highly informative, concise, and well-written to win a click. 

You should include your keywords where appropriate but make sure they do not affect your meta descriptions’ overall readability. 

Not only would spamming these elements damage your rankings but also deter users from clicking on your link.

No Auto-play Video

Videos slow down a website, which can lead to site speed issues. If you will be using videos in your web design, give your visitors the option to press play. 

Or if there’s a reason you feel important about auto-play, at least have it auto-play on mute with the option of clicking for sound.

Friendly URL Structure

As a search engine algorithm seeks to decide what a web page is about, the URL is one of the principal places it looks like. 

The URL is the principal address on the web for each page of your site. 

Your main domain name (e.g. www.whitomedia.com) begins from every URL on your web. 

For each page (other than your home page), more characters special to the page will follow.

An example of good url structure:


A bad example would be:


Easy Navigation

When designing a navigation, one good philosophy is to try to give your readers the fewest possible clicks to their desired destination. 

User experience is always crucial when the aim is not only to get more visitors, but also to get them to find what they are looking for.

This is also strongly preferred for those looking to optimise their website in terms of search visibility to organise your goals and make your navigation a flat architecture compared to those with long subcategories. 

Another point is, seek to limit the use of JavaScript and/or flash links as search engines don’t find it necessary to crawl certain sets of codes.


You like being able to get back from where you were coming from, right? Of course the search engines think you should be able to. 

Breadcrumbs (those little navigation trails) are generally a best practice for SEO. They make it easy to navigate. 

Search engines are based on quick navigation. They also pose breadcrumbs in the results of smartphone searches. 

Do you have to have them? It can help.

Overall Design

Your home page design is critical, since your visitors get the first impression of your website and company. Good web design should leave a positive, lasting impression. 

Having a clean and clutter-free homepage that won’t cause your visitors to leave as soon as they log on is always a good idea.

Consider certain things such as picture sizes, navigation, user-friendliness, colours, and overall design. 

Sensitive design is a common term, since designing for different devices is involved. 

With the ongoing technological advances and increased number of online visitors, SEO practices continue to evolve.

Often search engines can spot a poor and bad design from a mile of using artificial intelligence. 

Remember the purpose of an engine or search engine is to make money by getting users to come back and search with them again so it’s in their best interest to show the best information possible regarding the query searched.