If you go on any top website that provides a service or a product, you will find a FAQ page. But why do you need one? 

Surely if you have a customer service email, then why bother with a FAQ. 

Well, you will find an FAQ could be the most time and money saving the page.

What is a FAQ page?

FAQ stands for “frequently asked questions” and an FAQ page is often included on websites to allow questions to be asked and answered in a public page. 

The FAQ website is a live guide on breathing that needs to be frequently updated. Each time a customer asks you a question, you need to consider if other customers will ask it, or find it fascinating and helpful to answer it. 

You need to make sure that you answer the questions simply and take advantage of the chance to interact with your clients and represent your company and brand personality.

“Frequently Asked Questions” is a large subject and you may choose to create different information pages for some of the most relevant aspects such as making sales, delivery and returns. 

The details you present on this page must be up-to-date and represent consumer concerns with appropriate and constructive answers that answer the questions of your customers.


If a customer has a question or quarry, they should visit a well-written and well-structured FAQ list. 

It will help them find answers to questions about which they would otherwise contact you on an individual basis and this takes precious time away from the many other jobs that you have to do.

When you are approached by a customer with a FAQ, you can easily link it to the website or instantly copy the details to an email. 

This will not only reduce time spent dealing with this for your business but also the customer as they do not have to wait on a response that can take days.

Improve Customer Service

One of the key building blocks of any partnership is faith-building. Customers who can see your attempts to be transparent when it comes to addressing queries will consider your business to be confident. 

It increases consumer understanding of the brand and also instils trust, leading to loyal consumers returning time and time because of their successful shopping experiences.

Gives off a Professional look

A FAQ page is the best forum for explaining your know-how. This raises the probability of a casual tourist being a buyer, as they are more likely to buy from an existing company that they find legal and competent.

Improves SEO

Not only are FAQs useful for your guests, but they will boost your rankings in search engine results as well. This page should contain a lot of useful content, important keywords and information that search engines use to determine your website’s ranking position.

Make Good Of a Bad Situation

If customers ask questions that could be negative, you can use this as an opportunity to reverse their perceptions and explain why your company is better. 

Find out the importance of what you are doing and teach your customers about the advantages and benefits of your goods or services so that you can make better choices about your customers. 

Education is key to converting a customer with a negative perception. 

Highlight Key Details Of Your Product

Any visitor who comes to your website will have found it differently. They may have asked their search engine a question and accidentally happened upon your FAQ article. 

They will be curious to find out more about what your company can deliver when they start reading the answer. 

You must take every opportunity to mention vital information such as your key selling points, contact details and how further action can be taken by the client.

Drive People To Different Areas On Your Site

With the FAQ page receiving loads of traffic from customers searching for unique responses, it is good to add CTA to attract clicks and engagement and add several CTA buttons and forms on the page so that you can provide the visitor with key information but also promote things that might be of interest.  

You have a captive audience on this page. You may as well take advantage of it. 

So, a FAQ page is a key to your website when you offer a product or a service, not only will it save you time responding to the same questions over and over again, but it will also help you provide the customer with great customer service and allows them to get simple issues rectified. 

If you haven’t got one then we strongly recommend you do. It will save you so much time in the long term. Also if you are ahead of the curve and already have one, go look at it and see how you can improve it and see if you can get any CTA in there.