Increasing external traffic is our main goal, but increasing internal traffic within your posts is equally as important. – We want readers to explore various posts which usually prompts them to hit the all-important ‘follow’ button. If you’re looking for a more detailed resource.

1. Share posts on social media

This may be an obvious one but once you’ve set up your blog you need to get the word out to get readers. It’s important to have a presence on every social media platform. We set up a new Twitter account (@whitomedia) dedicated to our blog. We connect our most recent posts to share on social media platforms so every time we publish a blog post, it’s automatically posted on those too. Since doing this I’ve found that 37% of our traffic comes from external sources.

2. Brand Yourself

This is personally our biggest must. People are going to remember you for your picture, name and blog page so make them bold and keep everything looking very similar if possible. For example, use the same picture and display name as your Disqus, Triberr’, Twitter etc. Create an awesome banner for your blog page header and if you have YouTube, use the same one on your channel.

3. Make the most from your sidebar 

People often think that the sidebar on your blog page is only used for advertising purposes but you should fill this space as much as possible with a selection of widgets made available in Personalize > Customize. Like we said when people visit your blog page you want to try to make them stay for as long as possible and read other posts. We use our sidebar to display popular posts.

4. Include a ‘related posts’ section under the new posts

When people read your blog post, they’ll often scroll down further to view new comments and to see if there’s anything more than the writer has to offer. In Settings > Reading scroll down to ‘Related Posts’ and select ‘Show related content after posts’ to enable this. This will display three similar posts to the one they just read, prompting them to read more.

5. Tag away

Tag as much as you possibly can. Tags are how readers stumble across your blog so make sure to tag as much as possible and to use popular tags, they can be found here. Obviously, don’t tag anything that isn’t relevant to your post because this can have the opposite effect. We find that business, social media, and WordPress are really popular tags for our blog.

6. Use your navigation bar

Your navigation bar is there to be filled. Create pages and add them to the top menu in Personalize > Menus. You can also create sub menus. We connected our posts to the relevant pages by creating categories. If readers are interested in your content, they will use this feature to search for more that they would like to read.

7. Include links in your posts

You should list your social media areas so people know where to find you as well as direct links to other posts you refer to. You could include a ‘read our previous post’ section in your posts. We always include our links after our signature at the bottom of every post.

By including links it helps with SEO.Thus improving your google rankings. Some other good tips to improve your SEO on your site is this post: SEO strategies for 2017

8. Do Tags

We tend to do tags if we am feeling a little uninspired and demotivated – we all have bad days. These are such a popular type of post, I’ve noticed that the tags can get the most views. Also, by tagging other people they will refer to your blog with a direct link to it when they do the tag, so it’s a great way to get noticed.

9. Build a community 

We love the blogging community and it came so naturally to connect with fellow bloggers. It’s important to keep building connections and chatting through comments to bloggers. If you comment on someones post, that’s an instant link to your blog page so any viewers that they get on that particular post can go straight to your page. Another great way of building relationships if by interacting in relevant Blogging Facebook Groups.

10. Host Giveaways and competitions 

This is a must; our most views in a day was because we hosted a giveaway. They don’t have to be pricey either, just something small and relevant to your blog which will prompt viewers to enter. The best thing about them is that you can make up your own entry rules. We think it’s best to tell viewers that to submit an entry they must reblog your post and follow you, this is the best way of getting your blog out there to thousands of people.

11. Revamp your about page

This is the page that viewers will often visit just before hitting the follow button. You want your About page to reflect your unique personality and to be a fun read – nothing too serious. If you’re on social media or YouTube, throw in some links there for them to have a peek around. You should also include a photograph of yourself, we would recommend using the same as your blog profile picture to keep it simple and to keep it consistent.

12. Encourage readers to follow you

Most readers often need a prompt before they even think about following you – do it! We sometimes ask people at the end of blog posts, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion. Subscriptions become the most direct way to reach your readers every time you write a new post. So, be sure to offer multiple subscriptions prompts on your website to get your readers to subscribe!

13. Research popular topics 

Trends are always coming in and out, it’s good to hop on the band waggon of a current popular type of post because these will often get a lot of extra views. Also, seasonal topics are a good one to follow for example, in September it’s all about going back to school.

14. Check for broken links

No one likes to click on a link and have it go nowhere. A great free resource to check your blog for is broken link checker. 

15. Quality posts

Finally, your posts should be of good quality over quantity. If you have the time to publish five quality posts a week then great! But, realistically most people only post around two. If a post of ours isn’t great quality, we won’t publish it until I’m happy with it. It’s better to start posting less and more quality posts before you fall into the trap of sacrificing quality for quantity.

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16. Speed up Your Website

Google signals site speed or page load speed as ranking signal. Speeding up your websites is very important as state by Google when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there and if site loads faster it improves user experience, this help you to boost ranking. Also mobile uses increasing day by day and people are using different devices for browsing internet so if your page don’t loads faster people will leave. To solve this problem Google & Twitter came up with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to improve the performance of web content and advertisements through AMP on mobile devices. Just check the link about what is Accelerated Mobile Pages? & how to install it on WordPress.