There are many ways to make money on your blog or website and earn some decent money for supporting yourself and living an independent life.

The reason why many of the bloggers can’t make money by monetization is this: they quit so early.They do try one or two options, but then they face a situation in which they see that there isn’t any handsome amount rolling into their PayPal account.

If you have made your mind to earn through monetizing your blog, I will encourage you to stick up with your dream. Don’t just quit. Your dream will take some time to come true, but believe me, it will.

You just need to keep focusing on building your online business, pick right strategies for moving your blog forward, and work hard to achieve your goals.

I have compiled a list of different ways to monetize your blog. You will have to think about what type of monetization program from the following list suits to your online business.

Each advertising website comes with a lot of techniques that can help you earn some cash online. Don’t get disheartened. If one strategy fails, go for another.

1. Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is what it sounds. You will be paid whenever any visitor at your website will click the ad placed by Adsense. For getting the membership, all you need to do is to apply for a Google Adsense account. But before that, make sure your website has a premium theme with exceptional genuine content.

Google Adsense also checks how many traffic your website attracts. Therefore, before thinking about monetizing your blog, think about how to drive traffic and how to have exceptional content for keeping that traffic coming back to you.

You will also need to read Google Adsense Policy so that you can earn well without jeopardising your membership with the world’s biggest advertisement company.

Pay Per Click (PPC) works well for websites who entertain a lot of traffic. As the internet users are becoming more aware of Internet and the tricks internet-marketers play, they can sense whether a link will take them to the useful content or to an ad. Hence, they are avoiding clicking on ad text or links.So PPC doesn’t make much for ordinary bloggers and webmasters.

You need a ton of traffic to get make some money out of PPC.

On the other hand, the click-through rate (CTR) depends on the way your website is designed.If you want to increase your click-through-rate, you will have to place your PPC ads on pages that are performing well and are sought after from your visitors.

Naturally, the best places for placing an ad are at the begging of the post, or at the middle. Don’t ever place your ads at the bottom of the page, because they won’t be get clicked.

Another important factor that can determine how much you will earn is the amount of cost per click (CPC).For example, if the ad shown is of BMW, the CPC rate will be higher, same for the diamond store advertisement. But, if the ad being shown is something cheaper, like Gillette razor, then the CPC will be quite lower. So it all depends on the product that is being displayed in ads.

Google Adsense analysis your content and place ads accordingly. So the content of your website is important. If you are running a website about cars, then maybe Mercedez Benz ad can show up on your website. But if your website content is about ‘men’, then the chances are something like Gillette razor ad will be placed there.

The conclusion of PPC is this: it’s quite easy to monetize your website with this type of method but you will need a hell of traffic to make some money out of it.

2. Cost Per Mile Advertising

This type of advertising resembles PPC advertising in a lot of ways.There is just one difference, and it’s that when you are subscribed for CPM you won’t be paid for every click.

Instead, you will be paid for every 1000 impressions. For example, you are displaying ads worth $1 CPM, now you will be paid $1 after 1000 impressions. To earn a substantial amount from Cost Per Mile advertising, you will need a lot of traffic. See, after 1000 impressions you get just $1.

The easiest way to know how much you will earn from this package, just take your traffic and divide it with 1000.

For example, you have monthly 300,000 page views for a $1 CPM. Now to make a guess how much we will earn we will do simple math. 300,000/1000=$300.

If you want to earn $300 per month through CPM, you must have 300,000 page views on your website.

Again, it all comes down to traffic. And traffic comes when you have quality content or when you are investing in ads. It’s hard work but once you are successful in getting traffic, earning online becomes easy.

There are many CPM providers who can help you make some money. Keep in mind that there are two types of such providers. One, who pay handsomely, and the others who pay slightly lower. Those, who have access to great paying clients will pay you higher, and those who are new and haven’t access to good paying clients will pay you less.

Here are the few top CPM providers.

  • UberCPM
  • Adbuff: AdSense Alternative Ad Network

Above mentioned CPM providers have different types of policies. Some want you to have a lot of traffic before you apply. And there are some who don’t have such requirement.

Again, it’s the traffic which will make a difference for making some handsome amount by monetizing your blog or website. Even if you don’t have heavy traffic, you should go and monetize your blog. As the saying goes, something is better than nothing.

3. Text Links Ads

Text links ads are a good way to monetize your blog or website. What we do in such type of ads is that we just place an ad link into a text that will lead the reader to that website from where she can buy a product. These types of ads are frequently seen in product review websites. For example, there is a blogger who is writing a post about “30 best books to read in 2017”. Down in the post, he will write about 30 books. In each book’s section, he will insert a text-based link that will lead to Amazon, where the reader can buy that book.

For example

Here’s the list of 30 best books you should read in 2017.

History of Wolves: A Novel

The first book that I would recommend you to read in the year 2017 is History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund.

Now, in this first paragraph, I have inserted an Amazon link in the text History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund. When a user will click this link, she will be taken to Amazon website from where she can buy that book.

When she will buy that book by clicking on my website’s link, Amazon will record this transaction and then will pay me my due share.

Please note that how much amount you will earn vary from product to product. If you are inserting Text-link-ads for products that are expensive, you are likely to earn more. Similarly, if you are advertising something that has low cost, you will get paid according to that cost, i.e. small amount.

In prefer Text-Link based monetization because it keeps your website outlook clean and it doesn’t look pushy to your readers as well.

Keep in mind that you don’t need any provider for getting this type of monetization done on your website. You can do it by yourself. All you need to do is to become an affiliate to Amazon. Once your account is approved, you will be given a link in which your website address will be mentioned, so that Amazon can know if a customer is coming from your website.

4. In-Text Ads

Text-Link ads and In-text ads are quite same with a minor difference. The first difference is that In-text ads are provided by an advertising agency, whereas text-link ads can be inserted by you. As you saw above, how I added a text-link to Amazon.

Another difference is that In-text ads have the double underline under the link.This is to show that these links are ads. And another specialty of such kind of advertisement is that when the user places the mouse over the ad link, it will show the advertisement.

This type of advertising is a bit annoying for the reader as it looks obvious that the link is an ad. But still, if you use it wisely, chances are it will pay off.

Here are some best In-text ads providers

  • Infolinks – Innovative Ads Powered by Intent (They don’t ask for a lot of traffic)
  • VigLink — Powering Content-Driven Commerce (They offer 35% commission)

5. Advertising Widgets

This kind of monetization is pretty new in the market. Still, top bloggers are expressing their views that this type of money making technique is working well for them. These widgets are known to make a mixture of every type of monetization, i.e. in-text ads, in-link text, and CPM based ads.

6. Advertising Space

Advertising space is also a good way of blog or website monetization. In this type of advertisement, you don’t need a third party advertisement agency. All you need is a sponsor who wants to advertise on your website. You allocate him a part of your website where you will place an ad or banner of your sponsor. Normally, website owners allocate such space for a specific time. Let’s say, for a month, or six month depends on the amount sponsor is willing to pay.

Earning from this type of method required a lot of traffic. If you aren’t hosting a lot of visitors, chances are you won’t be able to convince any sponsor for buying advertising space from you.

7. RSS Adverts

This is the most common way of blog monetization used by millions of bloggers and website owners. If you haven’t configured your RSS feed, then I will encourage you to do so.

Here’s an awesome post by Propblogger, which can teach how to have RSS feed on your website, and it will let you choose some advertiser agencies who are offering some money for placing ads on your RSS feed.

8. Audio Advertising

Have you ever heard about this type of blog monetization? Honestly, I hadn’t. Just came across this method during my online research. ? Pay per play is a less used source of monetizing blogs and websites.

So here it is.. Pay per play is a type of advertisement in which you play an audio advertisement on your website or blog. You are paid according to how many times you are playing your sponsor’s ad on your website. So, If you run a top podcast on your website, this pay per play method can help you earn some sweet cash.

9. Pop-Ups/Lightboxes

Pop-ups or lightboxes are a good way to attract potential customers for turning them into the loyal followers.But here’s the caution: if you will use too many pop-ups, it will annoy your website visitors. Therefore, it is important to use prudence regarding when a pop will appear before a visitor.

Pop-ups are good when you use them for increasing your e-mail subscribers list or for selling some sort of lightweight products, i..e E-books to your customers. But generally then are used for getting emails so that they can be persuaded in future to become customers.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Here’s very detailed and informative post about how to become an affiliate marketer. It’s quite easy to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, and the above infographics is enough to make you understand how things work when one is determined to earn some money through selling someone’s product. My advice will be to become an affiliate of only those products or companies that are related to your niche.

For example, if you are a content writer, the best product you can subscribe for becoming an affiliate marketer will be related to content writing. For example, you can become an affiliate marketer for Grammarly. On the other hand, you can become an affiliate of someone who sales content writing courses. Being an affiliate of a product that matches to what you normally talk about sounds more persuasive and in-line to your beliefs.

Also another site is a Stair Lift Guide website Called: Stairlift Guru they make affiliate commission through the sales of UK Stairlifts.

11. Product Reviews

You can earn a handsome amount of money by monetizing your website with Product Reviews option. For picking up this kind of method, you will have to write awesome yet realistic reviews of products related to your niche.

For example, you run a travel blog. You can write reviews for hotels around the world, you can write about different commercial airlines. You can write about different tourist locations. There is a lot you can review and become an affiliate marketer for the people you are writing reviews for. Similarly, if you run some tech blog, you can review products in your niche. For example, you can review new monitor, iPods, laptops and the likes.

You should be very picky about what you are reviewing. The best practice is to review something that has credibility. If you will exaggerate frequently, then the chances are you will lose your audience. They won’t trust what you are saying about a specific product. Review wisely.

12. Create & Sell Your Own Product

If you are expert in making something people would buy, then I will encourage you to come up and sell your product online. It can be anything. For example, if you are a website developer, you can make your own website that is aimed at solving some kind of problem for such as web coding tips etc and offer a paid course. This is the best way to monetize your blog, help people you care and make your name.

In order to create/sell your own product you will first have to create your own website. Once you have a website you can use SEO and advertising to promote your product.

13. Write an Ebook

According to a PewInternet, the eBook market is flourishing day by day!. That’s encouraging point for you to write an eBook and to sell it on your website. There are thousands of people who are earning substantial money by this method of website monetization. If you are expert in something, it’s really worth risk taking, and write a book that suits to your buyer’s persona needs. This is the best passive way of generating incoming from your blog and helping people live better and less complicated lives.

14. Write A Hardback Book

This strategy to monetize your blog resembles the point No. 13 I just mentioned above. If your eBook turns out to be super-hit, you can then go on for getting in printed in Hardback form. Now you have two sources for earning money, i.e. eBook that people buy at your website, and the book that is being sold in bookstores.

You can use your website to promote your Hardback book too. Hence, spreading awareness about your book and as an author, you are making yourself available for your readers to talk with you.

If you want to make this type of monetization your goal, iUniverse can really help you getting your Hardback book published.

15. Write Tutorials & Guides

Writing tutorials and guides can not only establish you as an authority in your niche but at the same time can make you earn some money as well.

Every day, millions of people come to Google and search for the things they don’t know. I am sure, there would be many people who would want to learn what you already know. You must be good at something, why not write a tutorial about it and then sell it on your website.

16. Teaching Program

You can convert your content into online teaching program. The book you have written and many posts you have published can become a viable source for making such online teaching possible. You can make thousands of dollars. There are so many bloggers who are running such programs and making thousands of dollars.

Take the example of Seth Godin, who runs altMBA. His course fee is $3000. Another guy who is making a hell of money is Ramit Sethi who runs Zero to Launch. He charges $2000 for his teaching program. Sure, Seth Godin and Ramit Sethi are big names, but with hard work and determination, you can reach at the top too.

17. Host Webinars

Hosting a Webinar can become your permanent source of income. But before you think of this, I will recommend you to host free Webinars till you become a well known and popular blogger in your niche. Webinars are easy to host, and the thing good is they aren’t expensive at all. Holding a webinar means you can reach to a bigger audience who wants to see you live, interact with you and learn from you online. You can provide presentations, live video chat, or can deliver a speech about the thing you are expert at in these webinars.

If you are wondering how to host a webinar, here’s the post that can help you.

Some of the platforms mentioned in this posts are free and some are paid ones. You can start with free software in the beginning as they are not that bad as they comprise of Google Hangout and Skype!

18. Be A Consultant

Becoming a blogging consultant is a lucrative way of monetizing your blog or website. But for this, you will have to be acknowledged as an expert in your field. So, if you are new to blogging, this can be a distant dream. But with your consistency, ever-learning and helping attitude you can become a top-notch expert one day.

Consultants can earn a lot of money by offering one-to-one counseling sessions. People hire them for solving their problems and are happy to pay them premium amount because they know the value they can generate for them with their experience, knowledge, and exposure.

To reach this goal, you will have to be consistent and expert in your field. Be everywhere on the Internet, solve your audience’s problems free for now. The time will come when you will be confident enough to sell your experience for a premium price. There are consultants who charge $1000/ hr. And, I have no doubt you can become that great too.

19. Find Sponsors For An Event

For holding a free workshop on your website, you can find some sponsors to help you monetize your blog or website. You will have to run your sponsor’s ad at the beginning and at the end of your workshop. Just like we see ads in the beginning, and at the end of TV program.

Sure, sponsors pay handsomely for their advertisement as they do have a handsome budget for it. But, they also demand high traffic from you. So if at the moment, you don’t attract a lot of traffic, this method is not for you.

20. Selling Services (Hire Me)

If you are an expert in something and are working for free on your website, but you want to earn some money you can simply insert a Hire Me page on your website.

Your website or blog will work as a portfolio for you and this is a quite persuasive way of attracting potential clients.

Just make sure, you are selling yourself in the best way. In that Hire Me page, you can tell what you can do, since how long you are doing (experience). What are your charges, what expectations your clients can have with you? Mention all these things in a professional manner.

Hope there must be some people who are looking for a guy just like you. So why not take this opportunity and have a Hire Me page on your website or blog.

21. Membership Site

This monetization method works for those websites who are around since a good period of time. One good example of the membership site is New York Times. They ask for a membership fee if you want to read their articles without any limit. Similarly, there are other websites too where you must have to log in before you can see any content on their website.

So if you are around since some years and have a loyal following you can think about moving to the membership site and charge some fee from your users.

22. Private Forums

This monetization model is same like a membership site (mentioned above) with a slight difference in the nature of platforms. You can create a Private Forum where you allow access to few paying people. This is a good way if you have a network of people who are experts in their field. People would like to join your private forum for getting help from those experts.

You can also keep your premium content, i..e eBooks, Infographics, case-studies there and can charge some fee for letting your users get benefit from your premium material.

23. Email Marketing

This is the most important thing you should do while running your blog or website. It would be no exaggeration to say that this is the best strategies to monetize your blog or website. So it would be wise for you to start collecting emails of your visitors and a make a big, big list of your subscribers.

Your list of subscribers will help you increase your website traffic. Here’s how. When you will have an email list of your subscribers, you can send them any new post you have written. Hence, persuading them to come back to your website or blog and read your post. This is the best way to establish trust among your readers too. Take care that you are not spamming your subscribers and are not sending them too many emails.

The other main benefit of email marketing is that you can sell your product, can promote others product (affiliate marketing) and can get your readers feedback whenever you want. But do this wisely and be really sophisticated about the brands you are promoting them.

Here’s the list of email marketing software. Pick anyone that suits your need.

  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • After Offers

24. Survey & Polls

There are websites out there who can pay you for running their surveys and polls on your website. If you want to monetize your blog or website through this model, you can do so. Just make sure that the surveys and polls you are running on your blog are related to your niche. Normally they will pay you on CPM basis so it will be necessary that you should have a considerable traffic to earn handsome amount through this model.

Normally, Survey and Polls websites will pay you on CPM basis. Therefore, it will be necessary that you should have a considerable traffic to earn handsome amount through this model.

25. Paid Directory Listings

This type of monetization means that you will create a page on your website where you will mention other websites. Again, be mindful that you are enlisting websites that are related to your niche.

You can invite your competitors to get enlisted on your Paid Directory Listing page for a fee. You can charge them any amount of fee but the norm is to charge $5/month. This way if you have some 200 websites on your PDL page, you can easily earn $1000 every month.

26. Job Boards

There are companies who regularly post their vacancies on different websites. You can try this method for earning some money as well. You will charge a fee from such companies to place their ads on your website. Job boards are one the best passive way to earn some money on a continuous basis.

27. Sell Custom Templates/Themes

If you are a developer and know how to make custom premium themes and templates, you sell your expertise on your website. Nowadays as the trend of having a website is increasing, there’s huge demand for such kind of skills. How much you can earn from your skills depends on how well you do your job.

In order to get established in this kind of monetization, the best practice is to build your online portfolio. This way you can showcase your skills and can help your potential clients making a decision in your favor.

28. Donations

There are many people who are either unaware of this monetization method or normally hesitant to adapt it. This method is good for you if you don’t want to run ads on your website. Even big websites like Wikipedia are running on donation. So you can think of this model if you enjoy trust of your audience.

The best way to get donations online is to get Paypal donation button. You will be surprised to see how much people love to donate to people they love and trust.

29. Auction Your Website

If none of these 29 methods of monetizing your blog or website works for you, you can go for auctioning your website. Flippa is the best platform for selling your websites for a reasonable amount. If you are website is doing well still going into the business of buying and selling website can become profitable for you. You can go for purchasing domain names and make websites, and then sell them to others. Creating websites from scratch take a lot of time, so there is a good number of people who would happily pay you if you have a decent domain name and good looking website to sell them.

So what do you think? Have you ever used any of the monetization methods I have described in this post? What was your experience? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.