It’s very easy to become overwhelmed when you enter the blogging world. I’ve been a blogger for almost a year and to start with I quickly realised I knew nothing about blogging, it’s been a huge learning curve. To help as many new bloggers as possible, I’ve put together a list of pro tips – stuff I wish I had done from the very beginning to help you out.

1. Write About What You Love

I put this at number one because it’s so damn important. If you don’t love what you write about, you won’t want to do it forever. Plus, people will be able to see straight through you, trust me. Choose something you’re genuinely interested in, passionate for and can say a lot about because blogging can turn into a full-time job, and you may as well enjoy it.

2. Write As You Talk

People want to read a blog where a person’s personality shows through their writing. This is how yours is unique and how you begin to form a connection with your readers. They’ll want to see continuity in your future posts. There’s absolutely no reason to be so serious all of the time either, have fun with it!

3. Be Unique

People aren’t going to continue to read your blog if they can get the same answers elsewhere. Your blog must be different from all the rest in some way. I wish I could tell you exactly how but that’s up to you to decide. Think about what more you can offer your readers, and how your posts can stand out from the rest.

4. Have Epic Content

I know this is a bit of an obvious one, but by creating good content I mean you must have the full package. Start with a tempting title, by which I mean naming your post something that will persuade the reader in. Then think about how you can have a good, strong subject; along with a message you’d like to portray. Write in a structured manner with good punctuation and grammar (do you feel like you’re back at school?). Have a start, a middle and an end with plenty of photographs. Which leads me onto my next point…

5. Use Good Quality Photographs

Don’t feel like Simple you can’t achieve this if you don’t have an expensive camera or fancy software. You do not need them. Just put some creativity and effort into your background and always use natural daylight if you don’t have access to artificial lighting. And I must emphasise, always, always edit your photographs. There are free photo editing software such as PicMonkey and GIMP which can do a lot of the same things as Adobe Photoshop.

6. Make It Look, Professional

If you use WordPress, I recommend selecting a theme that makes your page look like a professional website, for example, the Sight theme. It’s free, looks very sophisticated and is incredibly user-friendly. Populate your navigation bar by breaking your posts down into categories, it’s so easy. Splash images over the page to attract readers.

7. Do Your Research

Research is my starting point for every post. Once an idea has entered my mind, I hit Google and search, search, search. I do this for a number of reasons – to see if posts have been done before, to read similar ones and to investigate if it’s popular and something people are going to want to read. I copy and paste How any useful into a draft for when I actually come back to write the full post.

8. Take Risks

This goes for anything you do in life, you have to take risks to reach new milestones. I take risks by hosting giveaways and publishing a post I wouldn’t usually write. These are ways of attracting further audiences and showing your current readers that you aren’t scared to take risks, and that you like to try new things. After all, they’ll more than likely pay off.

9. Be Inviting

Welcome readers to your page by giving them a huge virtual hug. You want readers to feel they can glide around your page with ease and enjoy the content enough to want to come back. As for in your actual posts, ask for feedback, supply connections to your social media platforms and get talking. If someone makes the effort to comment on your posts, reply to them! You’ll very quickly begin to form a network of blogging buddies.

10. Give It Time

Let’s be honest, nothing ever happens overnight, you have to work hard and be dedicated. However, there are a number of things you can do to give your blog a boost such as creating a regular series (people will become aware of when you publish posts), or to get involved with guest posting. This means publishing an article on someone else’s blog or website. It’s a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out there.